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Saklıkent National Park, or commonly known as Saklıkent Canyon, is located in the Eşen Stream, which draws the Antalya-Muğla border. formed by the Karaçay tributary is a canyon Muğla's It is within the borders of Seydikemer district. A steep and deep canyon was formed with the help of fault cracks on the calcareous terrain, which can be easily eroded by water. tlos. The ancient city of Tlos, one of the most important settlements of Lycia, Fethiye about 42 of the district It is located within the borders of Yaka Village, which is 1 km east of it. the highest mountains in the region. The ancient settlement, which started on the steep western slopes of Akdağlar (Kragos), It reaches up to the valley plain formed by the alluvium brought by the Eşen River. Our lunch, accompanied by live fish, is included in the price of this natural wonder tour, which is visited by 180-210 thousand people a year.

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